Growing Japanese Tea Trends in India's Chai Nation

Growing Japanese Tea Trends in India's Chai Nation

Tea, a staple in Indian households, is getting a chic makeover thanks to the influx of Japanese tea trends. In a world that moves faster than a chaiwala at closing time, Japanese tea traditions beckon us to hit pause. It's not just about sipping tea; it's a wholesome experience, an art form that's as calming as a spa day for your soul. 

And in the hustle of modern India, who wouldn't want a bit of Zen in their daily chai routine?

Moving on from Masala Chai; it's time to roll out the tatami mats and embrace the zen. Let's take a stroll through how Japanese tea trends are reshaping our country’s tea culture.

Growing trends of Premium Japanese tea in India:

  1. Matcha Green Tea 

In the growing health-conscious India, the demand for premium Japanese Matcha Tea is rising. And so is the import of high-quality authentic Japanese tea in India. This powdered green tea, rich in antioxidants, has become the go-to for health-conscious millennials. Its earthy flavor and versatility make it a hit, whether whisked into a traditional tea or into trendy Matcha lattes. Indians, known for their love affair with green tea, are welcoming Matcha with open arms as the ultimate detox drink.

  1. Genmaicha 

Genmaicha, the popcorn tea with a nutty twist, is turning heads in our country. Comprising green tea leaves and roasted brown rice, this unconventional blend brings a touch of playfulness to the tea scene. Indians, always up for experimenting with flavors, are finding joy in the satisfying crunch of roasted rice amidst the soothing green tea. It's not just tea; it's a snack-tastic experience. 

  1. Hojicha 

Hojicha, the roasted green tea with a toasty aroma, is setting up a revolution in our tea culture. As people seek alternatives to the usual black or green teas, Hojicha offers a unique and smoky flavor profile. With its low caffeine content, it's a cozy choice for evenings. Indians are discovering the joy of sipping on this warm, comforting brew as a departure from the routine.

  1. Tea Ceremonies & Tea Masters

Moving on from chai walahs; tea ceremonies are taking the center stage. The Japanese art of tea preparation, known as 'Chanoyu' or 'Chado,' is making waves in India. Beyond just a beverage, it's an immersive experience that encourages mindfulness and connection. Indian tea lovers are tuning into the deliberate grace of an authentic Japanese tea ceremony, finding solace in the meditative rhythm of preparing and enjoying tea.

  1. Modern Tea-houses, Insta-Worthy Spaces for Tea lovers

Tea-houses are no longer just a place to grab a quick cuppa; they're becoming Instagram-worthy spaces where tea becomes a lifestyle. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, these premium Japanese tea-houses offer an escape from the hustle, providing a serene setting to appreciate tea rituals. Indians, known for their love of ambiance, are flocking to these modern tea-houses to savor tea in style and share the experience online.

Japanese Tea quiz to discover your perfect brew!

Ready to embark on a journey of Japanese tea discovery? Let's find the right Japanese tea that aligns with your taste buds, preferences, and lifestyle. Answer the following questions to reveal your Japanese tea soul mate!

  1. What's your ideal aroma?
  2. a) Toasty and roasted
  3. b) Grassy and fresh
  4. c) Nutty and comforting
  5. d) Earthy and soothing
  6. e) Rich and umami

  1. How do you like your tea to feel?
  2. a) Bold and robust
  3. b) Light and crisp
  4. c) Satisfyingly strong
  5. d) Smooth and gentle
  6. e) Velvety and luxurious

  1. Pick your flavor profile!
  2. a) Toasted and smoky
  3. b) Grassy and vegetal
  4. c) Nutty and sweet
  5. d) Earthy and mild
  6. e) Rich and savory

  1. When does tea time strike for you?
  2. a) Mornings – I need a bold start!
  3. b) Afternoons – A refreshing pick-me-up
  4. c) Evenings – Time to unwind with a snack



  1. e) Special Occasions – Let's make it a ceremony!

  1. How do you prefer your tea served?
  2. a) Hot – The warmer, the better!
  3. b) Cold – I like to chill with my tea
  4. c) Lukewarm – A perfect in-between
  5. d) Iced – Cool and refreshing
  6. e) Warm – Cozy and comforting

  1. Do you like your tea sweetened?
  2. a) No sugar, please – I love the natural flavors
  3. b) A hint of sweetness – Balance is key
  4. c) Sweet tooth alert – The sweeter, the better
  5. d) Occasionally – Depends on my mood
  6. e) Never tried it – I'm open to experimenting


  • Count the number of times you selected each letter (a, b, c, d, e).
  • The letter with the highest count corresponds to your ideal Japanese tea profile.


  • Mostly A's: You're a Hojicha Hero! Embrace the toasty and robust aroma of roasted green tea.
  • Mostly B's: Sencha Sensation! Dive into the world of fresh and crisp green tea.
  • Mostly C's: Genmaicha Guru! Your perfect match is the playful and nutty popcorn tea.
  • Mostly D's: Matcha Maestro! Experience the elegance and gentleness of powdered green tea.
  • Mostly E's: Gyokuro Connoisseur! Enjoy the rich and umami goodness of shaded green tea.

Discovering your Japanese tea personality is the first step towards a tea-filled adventure. For an authentic Japanese tea experience, try our authentic Japanese green tea brand Chiran Tea's exquisite selection of premium Japanese tea varieties. Your perfect Japanese tea match awaits! 

Brewing a Blend of Cultures

As Japanese tea trends weave their way into India's rich tea culture, it's not just about what's in the cup; it's about the experience. From matcha meet-ups to hojicha hangouts, Indians are sipping, savoring, and snapping their way to a tea revolution. 

Feeling inspired by Japanese tea trends? Your tea journey isn't complete without indulging in the authentic Japanese tea varieties from Chiran Tea. Visit our online store or contact us to order bulk for your business and explore the richness of premium Japanese teas waiting to be savored.

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