• 1. Add Ice

    Place 10-12 ice cubes into a teapot, bowl or kyusu.

  • 2. Add Tea Leaves

    Add 5gms of tea leaves over the ice. Allow to steep until the ice has fully melted.

  • 1. Filter Bottle

    Fill a filter bottle with 500ml of water. Add 10gms of tea leaves or use 3 teabags.

  • 2. Refrigerate

    Store the bottle in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, and add ice cubes.

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  • 1. Measure the Leaves

    Add 3 gms of tea leaves to a teapot or kyusu

  • 2. Add Warm Water

    Pour 150ml of 80°C water to cover the leaves. Avoid boiling water

  • 3. Brew

    Close the lid and let the leaves steep for about 1 minute.

  • 4. Serve

    Pour and serve in teacups. Make sure to get every last drop.

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  • Sencha

    80°C for 1 minute

  • Hojicha

    90°C for 1 minute

  • Genmaicha

    80°C for 1 minute

  • Gyokuro

    60°C for 2 minutes

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