The way of Chiran

Step into the world of Chiran tea, your gateway to premium Japanese tea now available in India. Sourced directly from the lush estates of Kagoshima, we offer an exquisite tea experience. Our variety of high quality Japanese teas transcends borders, inviting you to indulge in the simple luxury of tea time. Each sip whispers the legacy of tradition, deep-steamed perfection and the true artistry of imported Japanese Tea.


The Top Tea Producer in Japan

Discover Kagoshima, Japan's leading tea producer, renowned for its rich volcanic soil and ideal climatic conditions. This fertile region crafts exceptional teas, celebrated for their depth of flavor and aromatic complexity. Experience the premium quality that Kagoshima's lush landscapes bring to every cup.

Our presence in Japan


Crafted by Tea Masters

The creation of gougumi is carried out by craftsmen known as "Chashi" (Tea masters). The flavour of tea leaves changes minutely depending on the season, or even day, they are harvested on. In order to make sure that the flavour is uniform throughout the year, the attributes of each tea leaf is examined using eyes, nose, mouth, and even touch, with breed selection and blend adjusted accordingly.

At Chiran Tea, every leaf and blend is the result of meticulous craftsmanship from our Chashi. Their expertise, honed over generations, ensures that every sip is a testament to the art and tradition of authentic Japanese tea-making.

Premium Selection

Deep Steamed, Deep Green

Chiran Tea’s range of tea blends are more than a collection, it’s a premium selection. Each tea is handpicked for its superior taste, rich aroma, and high-quality leaves, delivering a sipping experience that’s nothing short of exquisite. Discover the unique beauty and taste of our deep steamed, deep green teas. This process captures the richness of the tea leaves, delivering a vibrant green hue and an incredibly smooth, velvety flavor, free from the bitterness found in regular green teas.

Imported blends

Elevating Tea Culture in India

Chiran Tea is on a mission to elevate centuries old tea culture in India with our imported Japanese Tea blends. We bring you more than just a cup; we bring you a connection to the rich tapestry of Japanese tea culture. Our imported Japanese teas in India are a celebration of the teatime ritual, a moment to pause, reflect, and savor the harmony found in every sip. From the cultivation methods to the intricate art of tea preparation, Chiran is a journey into the heart of Premium Japanese Tea.

  • Blossoms softly fall,
    Sakura whispers of spring,
    Moments pause and sway.

  • Pause in busy day,
    Nibbles of sweet respite found,
    Nourished, we continue.

  • Amidst the fragrant steam,
    Blissful stories intertwine,
    In tea's shared solace.