Our Favorite Japanese-Centric YouTube Channels to Watch During Tea Time with Chiran Tea

Our Favorite Japanese-Centric YouTube Channels to Watch During Tea Time with Chiran Tea

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cup of Chiran tea while immersing yourself in the captivating culture of Japan. Whether you're taking a break from a busy day or winding down in the evening, these Japanese-centric YouTube channels will enrich your tea time with stunning visuals, engaging stories, and delightful insights. Here are our top picks that perfectly pair with the luxurious experience of sipping Chiran tea.

NHK World Japan is an excellent gateway to explore Japan’s rich cultural heritage, contemporary society, and breathtaking landscapes. Their diverse programming offers something for every interest, making it a perfect companion to your tea time.


  • Japan from Above: This series provides a bird's-eye view of Japan’s stunning scenery, from bustling cities to serene countryside. The aerial footage is mesmerizing, offering a unique perspective on Japan’s beauty.
  • Journeys in Japan: Travel enthusiasts will love this show, which takes you on intimate journeys across Japan. Each episode explores local traditions, cuisines, and the natural beauty of various regions.
  • Seasoning the Seasons: Delve into the heart of Japan’s seasonal changes and how they influence its culture, cuisine, and daily life. This show beautifully captures the essence of each season through the lens of Japanese tradition.
  • A Cat’s Eye View of Japan: Follow adorable cats as they navigate their way through Japanese streets, temples, and gardens. This channel combines cute feline adventures with stunning backdrops, providing a relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience. It’s a light-hearted companion to the soothing nature of Chiran tea.
  • Cool Japan:  Explores the unique and contemporary aspects of Japanese culture that make it cool and intriguing to the rest of the world. From cutting-edge technology and fashion to pop culture and food trends, this show provides a dynamic look at what’s making waves in Japan today.
  • Enhance your tea time with Chiran tea by exploring these Japanese-centric YouTube channels. Whether you’re captivated by aerial views, charmed by feline adventures, intrigued by ramen craftsmanship, or fascinated by modern Japanese trends, these channels offer a rich and engaging experience. So brew a cup of Chiran tea, sit back, and let these videos transport you to the heart of Japan.


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